A Simple Way to Solve a lot of Problems

I woke up around 7 this morning and went to breakfast at the dining hall before my economics class at 8:30. While I was eating (I had oatmeal btw) I was listening to npr (like most 18 year old boys at 7 am). The news today wasn’t different than what is has been, race tension and political feuds mostly. But while listening, I asked myself, “Why do we care about so many other people?” It sounds like a very selfish belief but in reality, if people stopped caring about others, we may be a lot better off. Hear me out…

So over the weekend my sister got her nose pierced. It is a small barely noticeable stud on the side of her nostril. She is 19, an adult in the eyes of law, but for some reason, this small decision she made upset my father. The decision to pierce her nose came after a lot of thought and planning with a final decision that this was something she wanted to do. It’s not like she went out drunk at 2 am and decided on a whim to stick a needle through her nose. My dad couldn’t wrap his mind around the idea of someone wanting to pierce any part of their body accept their ears. Frankly, I don’t really get it either. The difference between my father and I is that I accepted her choice because it wasn’t something that changed anything about my life. Her choice was an innocent decision that has no affect on anyones life but her own. I cannot understand why my dad cares so much about a piercing on some one else body.

This realization I from my sister’s piercing and my dad’s reaction is applicable on a much grander scale. People need to stop caring about decisions that don’t affect them. Why do so many republicans care about who can and can’t get married? Why do so many democrats care  what flag people wave in Texas? These choices people make are personal and have no impact on my life or any one else but their own. People in our country care way to much about what other people are doing. Furthermore, it isn’t the younger generation that has this problem. My fathers generation and those older than him have this issue more than us millennials (we have problems of our own, but thats another topic). So much tension in this country exists because people are getting upset for all the wrong reasons. From this point on, I am going to stop stressing about other peoples problems and focus on my own choices and how they affect me. I encourage anyone reading this to do the same.

***disclaimer*** This post only pertains to personal decisions that only affect you. Understand that there are many choices people make that do have an effect on others. Such as our choices on health care and how to deal with terrorism. These issues are important as well but they have a greater impact than just you or me.

To summarize, I don’t think we should continue to stress over the small things that are not our problem. To all the parents out there that are worried about the choices their kids are making, let them make choices even if you disagree with that choice. As long as a choice doesn’t come with life changing consequences it is okay. It is acceptable for people to have different views on the world than you. We should celebrate our differences and enjoy that fact that we are allowed to have different beliefs (looking at you North Korea). Stop spending so much time on other people, worry about what is best for yourself and focus on making yourself better before worrying about what everyone around you is doing.


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