Do any of us really have voice?

We live in America, which is supposed to be the best country on earth and in a lot of ways it is. People here have a lot more freedoms that elsewhere in the world and every person is able to make his or her own decisions. In America, we are an awfully proud bunch, constantly boasting about our freedoms and strengths when compared to other nations. All of this is perfectly fine but do we really have as much control over our lives as we think?

Everyone has their own voice is a pretty ubiquitous belief. Each and every person can express his or her opinion on just about any topic. It’s great that we can all have our own voice but when I got to thinking about it, having a voice really isn’t all that special. What really matters, is someones ability to make their voice heard. What good is a voice if no one is around to hear it?

I feel like this is a question that is often overlooked by many americans. Just because we have all these freedoms really doesn’t mean much because we don’t have to power to do anything important without a strong voice. The majority of us who have a “voice” don’t have the ability to use this voice to it’s full advantage. Most of the things we say, tweet, text and post are seen my a small fraction of the population and anything we say barely has an impact on anyone else. People like Donald Trump and the Kardashians have LOUD voices. Good or bad, the people on their level are really the ones with power. These people control our lives because what they say and do is seen by a lot more people than anything you or I could ever dream of.

This is why we really have to be careful about who we choose to give the loud voices to. Because that power, we do have. We get to decide who gets the voices that matter and we decide this based on who we watch on tv, follow on twitter, and who we talk about with our quiet voices. This is where we have the power, in deciding who gets the real power. Think about this next time some one says their vote doesn’t matter because a vote is our way of deciding who gets to matter. With the election right around the corner, we (americans) have screwed ourselves. We have to decide if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump gets to have the loudest voice in the country. Basically we are screwed.

In short, consider that your voice has little impact on a much grander scale. Do not take this as a negative because it is not. You can say or do whatever you want without mass judgment and ridicule. The people with LOUD voices are constantly being watched and because their voice is the one that is heard. Be conscious of who you give a voice to though. We have to remember we decide who is heard and we need to give the loud voices to the right people.


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