My Thoughts on 9/11

September 11 is remembered as one of the most tragic days in U.S. history and rightfully so. Thousands of innocent lives were lost that day and and putting the tragedy into words is not easy. Unfortunately, 9/11 will start become easier to forget as it gets further and further into the past. I was 3 when it happened and don’t really remember much about that day except what my parents tell me. Today’s high school freshman weren’t even born at the time of 9/11 and have no sort of personal connection to that day. As 2001 drifts further and further into the past, 9/11 may not be taken as seriously as it is today simply because people wont have the strong emotional ties that currently exist.

With that being said, it is good that we go back and remember this day and think about how it affected us because facing our fears is one of the best ways to move past them. There is no doubt that what happened on 9/11 is horrible but there may be somethings to be thankful for that came about from that day.

How the world reacts to 9/11 is one of the only things that truly show us as a United State. People from all over the country pay their respects and remember those who were lost that day. With all the hate and turmoil that currently exists in everyday society, it is good that we can all come together and agree on something. The fact that society is able to put aside their differences and recognize that the loss from 9/11 is bigger than any one person’s issues. It gives me hope that this country isn’t doomed to our own demise. There is certainly a bond that keeps us all together.

As sad a day as 9/11 is, I am happy to see that people still remain human and are able to come together over such losses. This bond allows us to succeed and I hope that people don’t lose sight of this in the future. With all the negative emotions people feel on this day, we should all be happy and proud of the fact we can come together and unify even if it only occurs on a rare occasion.


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