Why I am a morning person…

Today I would like to write about myself. Like I said in my “about me” section, I hope to give my audience more information about me through my writings. So today’s post is about why I love the morning time.

Like i have said before, I am a pretty introverted person. This isn’t a bad thing and I believe quiet time to myself allows me to think and develop a lot on my own. I think the best time of day for introverted person is the mornings. Living on a college campus, nights (especially on the weekends) are loud and hectic, there is always energy on campus until about 3 a.m when it finally comes to an end. The night life is great, especially people like me, because it means the mornings are quiet until about 10 a.m. Being the mooring person I am, I’m up and at ’em at 7:00 everyday. And let me say this… I LOVE IT.

Campus is completely dead, I can hear nature and watch day slowly come to a start with out the interference of anyone else. This quiet time is really something special because it allows me to start my day without the distraction of thousands of other people. I usually will eat breakfast first (oatmeal and/or eggs with fruit is my go to) and wake up while reading the news. I really love this part of my day despite it’s simplicity its probably my favorite part of most days. Then I can go to the gym because after morning coffee I have penalty of energy for a workout. Going to the gym in the morning is really great because almost no one else is there. Anytime from 10 onward, the gym is over crowded and not a fun workout experience. Going around 8 when I practically have the place to myself is an enjoyable experience and gives me a better workout.

So after breakfast and my workout ill have classes but the good news is, I have already had breakfast and worked out, so i can focus in class without worrying about when such is or when ill have time to work out. I still have basically the entire day to focus on school work. Mornings are really something special for introverts like myself, If you are not a fan of mornings, I encourage you to give it a shot because they may be something you enjoy as well. If you have trouble waking up, try doing jumping jacks or taking a cold shower to get your heart rate up. i can almost guarantee you’ll be wide awake. Countless studies have shown the benefit of mornings and how they can increase our productivity.

Sorry, I didn’t have a philosophical realization today to write about. I don’t expect to be having profound findings everyday while I’m at school so I will just use these days to express some of my views and maybe give some insight into why I am who I am. But try waking up early one morning and getting something done. You may find it makes your day feel 10 times longer and 10 times more productive.


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