Does Religion matter?

I grew up attending church every Sunday. Pretty much since I can remember, I went to Sunday school, youth group, or some form of church. I think back on these experiences fondly and I appreciate the fact that I  spent my childhood going to church. I prayed at least once a day for the better part of my youth but as I have grown older, my relationship with God has changed significantly.

As of now, I would say I am an Agnostic, someone who doesn’t believe in God but also believes in the possibility of a God. We just lack the information to know. I have nothing against church and I will still go because the lessons they teach are good lessons in general. I don’t believe that I need to be Christian in order to be saved or go to heaven after I die.

I think religion has caused a lot of issues in the past and it will continue to cause a lot of issues for the foreseeable future. Why should I spend my life concerned about what happens after it’s over? There are better things to focus on and stressing about Religion isn’t something I need to concern myself with. I think people should be able to practice whatever religion they want and it is not my job or anyone else job to interfere with that relationship.

I came to this conclusion after struggling for the better part of my sophomore year with religion and my personal beliefs. Once a week, my mom forced me to go to a youth group called “D-team.” This was just group of tenth grade guys meeting once a week to hang out and do bible study. The people in D-team were really cool and I’m glad I went even just for a year.  What I didn’t like about D-team and Christianity in general, is that we were forced to share about our relationship with God publicly and the other guys talked about deep, deep moments they have had and I simply haven’t had an experience like that. We were also told to bring our friends to D-team and talk to our friends about the Bible. Like I said before, I don’t think it’s my job to make others have a relationship with God. They made it seem like other people were wrong if they weren’t Christian. It was the missionary part of Christianity and my lack of a deep connection with God that made me turn away from the religion. Ironically the part of Christianity thats supposed to help acquire new members, turned an existing one (me) away.

I do believe that we all have a duty to practice basic morality. If I am a good samaritan who treats others with respect and kindness, I should get into heaven (if it exists). I don’t think I should be Christian as an insurance to make sure I go to heaven. One of my fathers best friends is in no way religious, and he is one of the nicest guys I know (more-so than a lot of religious people). I really don’t think religion or putting names on one’s beliefs matter. I think it is a deeply personal choice not for others to be involved in. My religion should not matter as long as a treat other people with the respect I hope to receive in return.



One thought on “Does Religion matter?

  1. Religion is just a shared, comforting fantasy. Like roleplayers, except they actually believe it lol. That’s it. People imagining they have control of their lives by obeying a omnipotent force that, if obeyed, will grant them eternal bliss. Basic children’s fantasies. How people can be so deeply deluded by such an obvious lie, now that’s a whole different subject.


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