Why it’s Important to know yourself

Todays post goes out to all the people who waste money and resources on things they don’t need. We live in a society where people think they need a lot more than they do. What I mean by this is average consumers think they are abnormal consumers and therefore spend money on products they don’t need.

This is especially apparent in technology purchases. People go out to Apple or Bestbuy and drop over $1000 on a computer they will use for email, Netflix, and Microsoft Office. People think they need a computer that has the processing power to edit 4k video or run video at 60 fps. Most people don’t need/ use this! I see so many people spending money on power they don’t need. Its a shame but I don’t feel bad for them. They could easily recognize what they need and spend an appropriate amount of money based on those needs.

It boils down to lack of knowledge. If a employee works on commission and can up-sell a consumer hundreds of dollars, he or she is most definitely going to take that opportunity. Honestly, thats their job and I am not going to fault them for working to make their commission. Its not their fault that a buyer was uneducated and it would be stupid for them not to try and make more money. (This is only true for commission based employees, is an hourly employee tries do this they are an asshole)

The solution to this is simple, do your research and know what your buying. I spend countless hours reading reviews, watching videos and learning about products before I make a large purchase that way I know exactly what I should spend. Recently I purchased a Macbook Pro from Apple for $1200. I got the entry level model and knew exactly what I was getting. Honestly, I don’t need the power of a Macbook Pro and could have gotten a better machine running Windows for significantly less. I knew all this before I bought it and decided to buy a Macbook because…

a) I know their computers last longer than most PCs

b) I saved up my money and decided this was a purchase I wanted to make.

c) I am invested in Apple’s ecosystem and recognize I pay for the convenienceĀ and reliability of their product

Because I know all these things, I believe I made a smart purchase and am Happy with my decision. My issue is that other people don’t do this research and spend money they don’t need. Knowing yourself and your needs can save you a lot of money.

This is also true for life in general. When someone knows themselves and recognizes their strengths and weaknesses, they make decisions that are better for them. My suggestion is take time to learn about yourself, use this knowledge to better yourself and make smarter choices in life. It is a process that is worth the effort and can be really beneficial for success.


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