Technology (part 2)

So todays post is also about technology and semi-related to yesterdays blog. The technology posts have been inspired by a pbs documentary about the digital age.

Growing up I was never allowed to play rated M video games or games involving guns. My parents believed that playing with fake weapons would lead me to view the dangers of real weapons will less significance. Playing with toy guns would supposedly lead me to playing with real guns and not understand their dangers.

I understand why they thought this. That generation has created the idea that kids cannot distinguish between one world (reality) and another (digital world). Through technology, we will blend what is seen on screen with reality and not understand the differences. Because adults grew up without technological immersion, they believe that growing up with it can result in negative consequences.

I have to say, I reject this idea and think it is completely misguided. I think because my generation grew up both in the real world and the digital one, we are able to easily transition between the two. We can play a game like “Call of Duty” or “Halo” and then turn it off and enter back into reality. I don’t think playing those games made me any more likely to play with real guns in the same way I would in a video game.

Adults have trouble understanding that children can jump from digital to real-life with out a problem. They grew up not having the access to two worlds so it is hard to understand what that is like for a child.

It is easy to blame all these shootings and hate crimes on video games and movies. I think placing the blame on them is the easy answer. Some people in our society have serious mental issues. So yes, maybe those people have trouble separating what is real and what is fake but children with healthy minds can easily distinguish these two worlds. Previous generation grew up with out video games yet these same shootings happened. How can we know for sure is there is a direct link between violent video games and real-world violence when we are the first generation to have both?

I don’t blame adults for being skeptical of these games, but i think it is a premature to say these games are the root-of-all-evil that exist is society.


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