My thoughts on gun laws

One of the many hot topics of debate currently dividing the U.S is that of the second amendment. Many proponents of this right believe people should be allowed to carry weapons because the constitution says we have the right. Those who oppose the second amendment believe that guns are too dangerous to be given to anyone and we would be safer with out the general population having access to them.

I believe that the sending amendment is outdated and doesn’t protect the right to carry any gun. When the founding fathers wrote this amendment, guns were single shot weapons that took a lot of time to reload. Bullets were still deadly, but much less accurate and much more difficult to operate. Fast forward to today, automatic weapons can shoot multiple bullets in a second. We have the precision to shoot people from miles away. Guns are no longer weapons or protection but weapons of assault.

The second amendment was never meant to give the general population access to heavy weaponry. I believe under the second amendment, people should be allowed to carry pistols intended as a last resort protection. Weapons meant to do any more than protect are not intended to be used by just any one. There is no reason any normal person should require more than a pistol at any given time of an ordinary day.

My belief is that guns are meant to kill, not show off, not protect, but kill people. If it were up to me, no general person would have access to guns and they would be only given to trained professionals. Unfortunately it isn’t up to me and under the constitution, we do have the right to carry weapons. With that being said, when the amendment was written, guns were not nearly as powerful as they are today. Today’s weapons were never meant to be in the hands of just anyone. If someone wants to carry a gun, he or she should be allowed to, but they should be limited to a weapon that coincides with their needs. Anything that is able to shoot more than one bullet at a time, should not be given to just anyone. These serious weapons are meant for people who require more than just a simple gun. The majority of people don’t need this!


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