Today kind of Sucks

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been focused on school and had a short break while I was home so i was not posting then either. But today I really just want to rant about something that really angered me today.

Let me start by saying I am your classic Apple “fanboy” I have the watch, the iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro. I love their products and how well their software integrates into devices as well as across multiple devices. As a diehard Apple fan, I was super excited for their keynote today where they announced the new MacBook pro models. Before they were announced I knew I would want too splurge and buy one so I worked hard these past couple weeks and dedicated about $1500 to the purchase of one. I thought this amount would be enough to cover the entry level model and be a good reward for myself for doing well in school and working hard outside of school. Up until today, I was ready to spend this money on a new MacBook and eagerly watched their keynote. Then.. after all the features were announced, they reveled the prices.

This is where my day went from pure excitement to pure sadness. The baseline model, with the cool new “touch bar” cost $1800, for the entry level model! Of course, there is a slightly cheaper $1500 model that doesn’t include the touch bar (the main feature) and has half the amount of ports of the $1800 model. I was shocked, the 2015 model I currently own was $1300 retail. I was expecting the next generation to keep in line with the current price scale (like Apple has done in the past) but was sadly mistaken.

In hindsight, it is probably for the better that I’m not willing to drop $1800 on a new computer and I will have saved myself a large chunk of change. I am still shocked that their entry level is $1800 when much of their consumer base is college students who cannot possibly pay $1800 for a new computer. As I am writing this I have mixed feelings. I am happy that I didn’t make this unnecessary purchase but at the same time, I am sad that I worked so hard and was so excited for this but I wont let myself pay so much for a machine that the power does not reflect the cost it is being sold for.

I know future me will be happy but current me can’t help but feel upset.


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