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Be respectful

Three evenings a week, I work as a “Lehigh Liner” as a part time job. Basically a liner is a telemarketer but instead of trying to sell stuff over the phone, we ask for donations to Lehigh and various organizations existing at Lehigh. We focus our efforts on alumni and parents of students. Most nights, I am lucky to have three or four worthwhile conversations, the rest are no answers, not available, or hang up before we have time to talk.

As a student, I enjoy calling alumni because I like to hear what kind of success people have gotten after attending Lehigh and any stories/ advice they have about Lehigh. Unfortunately, oftentimes people are incredibly rude over the phone and really make us feel bad for calling them. I understand that some people have no desire to donate to Lehigh (which is fine), but I still appreciate a good conversation or politeness when declining to speak with me.

Because I now make calls to strangers, I have a newfound respect for others that do it as well. Rather than being rude to them, I will now politely decline their offer or at least listen to what they have to say. I think it is important we all try to do this. It’s important to understand people make these calls because it is their job. They aren’t doing it because they want to annoy you and waste time. Making phone calls is a job for a lot of people and we should try and respect that they are working hard and working legally to make money. So instead of being rude to them, just let them say their spiel and be respectful.


Try not to expect anything

Today in my business class we discussed “marketing myopia” and why businesses fail. Basically this concept of myopia in the world of business is that companies lose sight of what is making them money. Businesses spend to much time and money on research and development because they want so desperately to sell their product. These businesses don’t realize that people are constantly changing and a product must be changing to evolve with the consumers. From a business standpoint, the myopia leads to loss of revenue and causes business to fail in the long-run. But from the point-of-view of a college freshman (me) this myopia exists outside of my Introduction to Business 001 class.

I got to thinking about what makes a movie/ show great or bad  and I realized that it’s the same reasons we find products good or bad. A good show, I’ll use “Stranger Things” on Netflix as an example, is something that the viewer does not even know they wanted. I assume most people, like myself, had heard little to nothing about this show before it was released in late July. No one had any expectations for this show, consequently when everyone watched it, they were blown away by how great it was. The product we received was something no one knew they wanted.

In the business world, we see this exact same affect. I will use Apple an example because the iPhone 7 was announced yesterday. The iPhone was originally something no one knew they wanted and now everyone and their mother has one and uses it on a day-to-day basis. The iPhone 7 has done away with the headphone jack and replaced traditional headphones with their new, wireless “Airpods”. People are so angry at this decision and don’t understand how Apple could make such huge leap. Everyone is stating that they won’t purchase the new iPhone because of their decision to remove the jack. So, has Apple gotten this “myopia?” I don’t think so.

Apple has always been about giving people what they want before they know they wanted it. People don’t like change, but as humans, we adapt to compensate for change. In the past, apple has moved the power button to the side of the phone, or moved the headphone jack from the top to the bottom. Remember when they changed the charging port from the  30-pin connector to the lighting port. People were outraged and thought it was a scam for more money. Eventually we all got used to these changes and now accept them as the norm. I am willing to bet a 2 years from now no one will miss the headphone jack and everyone will be rocking wireless headphones. Apple has always been good at making calculated risks and knowing exactly what people are willing to give up.

Back to the entertainment industry, the best shows and movies are things people never knew they wanted. Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones are all things no one talked about before they came out but now they are all anyone seems to watch. Things that we expect to be amazing like Suicide Squad always seem to disappoint because they can’t live up to our expectations. This is why many sequels are horrible because we expect something out of them. When those movies and shows don’t deliver, we get upset and view it as a bad movie or a bad TV show.

As people we have to accept that we don’t know what we want. We should leave it up to the pros like Apple and The Duffer brothers (Stranger things directors) to decide what we want to see next. Expecting something or saying you know what you want, will lead to letdowns a lot of the time. As a whole, we need to take a step back and enjoy life. Don’t try to anticipate what is to come because often times you will end up disappointed.